The Fitna of Music in the Masjid—A warning against musical ringtones

A reminder from Shaykh Abdur Razzaq Al Badr


In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful; all praises belong to Allah the Lord of all that exists and I bear witness that nothing has the right to be worshipped except for Allah alone without partners. And I bear witness that Muhammad is His slave and Messenger, may the Salat and Salaam of Allah be upon him, his family and his companions. As to what follows:

I begin this lesson today with a conversation concerning a pain in the hearts of many Muslims in the houses of Allah the Blessed and Exalted. An affair which is repeated every prayer; rather it is repeated in every rukoo, and sujood. It is a tremendous harm to the Muslims, in their prayer, and in their worship; taking away their humility and submissiveness (khusoo’) and their drawing near to their Lord the Blessed and Exalted. Some of the people have reached the point where they have apathy and indifference towards this matter although this affair—I swear by Allah—is extremely dangerous.

The conversation O brothers, is surrounding the sounds of music which have become repeated heard in the Masjids. Rather almost no prayer, or rukoo, or sujood is free from hearing this music. Has our situation reached the extent—O Islamic nation—where this abominable, reprehensible music is played in the houses of Allah? Where is the sanctity for the Masjids? Where is the esteem for the Masjids in our hearts? Where is our observance to the rights of our brothers who are praying? Where is our Taqwa of Allah the Exalted? Where is our glorification for the rites of Allah the Exalted if our condition can be described like this?

This is a recurring issue although everyone that carries a cell phone has the ability –every time he enters the Masjid—to turn his phone off, or to place it on silent. But many of the people have become indifferent and do not care about this affair. Now it has become that those who are praying, constantly hear music while they are prostrating, and in rukoo, and while they are praying, while they are making dua and while they are glorifying Allah. While the person is glorifying Allah, and remembering Allah the Blessed and Exalted all of a sudden this loud, imposing sound starts playing from over here and over there inside the Masjid.                                             

The Masjids have sacredness.

وَمَنْ يُعَظِّمْ شَعَائِرَ اللَّهِ فَإِنَّهَا مِنْ تَقْوَى الْقُلُوب

And whosoever honors the Symbols of Allah, then it is truly from the piety of the heart.   (Soorah Al Hajj 22:32)

Those who are praying are due courtesy and consideration; and they have rights. If it is not permissible to raise your voice with the Quran in the Masjid over your brother; how about these vile reprehensible sounds? Thus the affair—O noble brothers—is extremely distressing and the affair is extremely unfortunate. And this is proof of weakness of faith and deficiency of religion and weak reverence for the houses of Allah the Exalted, and weak regard for them.

It is obligatory upon the person whom Allah favored with a cell phone to show gratitude to Allah the Exalted for this blessing. By way of it Allah has made it easy for him to contact his family, relatives, and children, and to take care of his needs and interest. It is obligatory upon him to show gratitude to Allah the Blessed and Exalted for this blessing, and it is upon him to utilize it in the obedience of Allah the Blessed and Exalted, and he should not use it to collect and store evil.

Music on the cell phones is prohibited in every situation. It is prohibited in every situation; rather it is upon him to choose for his cell phone, audios which are not musical. And this affair becomes more dangerous when these evil sounds are inside the houses of Allah the Blessed and Exalted. Thus the houses of Allah the Blessed and Exalted are sacred and the houses have sanctity.

And when the person came asking about his property in the Masjid, he عليه الصلاة و السلام said: ‘May Allah not return his property.’ So how about this great evil? How about an affair which is this gruesome and evil? Thus let us fear Allah O brothers and let us be warned against that which will earn the wrath and punishment of Allah the Glorified and Exalted. It is obligatory upon all of us to fear Allah the Exalted in these Masjids. And upon entering the door of the Masjid the person says, ‘In the Name of Allah, may the prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah, I seek refuge in Allah the Great, with His Noble Face and His ancient Authority from accursed devil. And then he enters the house of Allah, having reverence for the house of Allah. And he does not allow these evil sounds to have any presence in the houses of Allah the Blessed and Exalted.

We ask Allah the Exalted by His beautiful Names and lofty Attributes to rectify all of our conditions, and to give us all success to honor the houses of Allah the Blessed and Exalted and to make us from those who exalt the rites of Allah, and to protect us all from utilizing these devices in any capacity to earn the wrath of Allah the Blessed and Exalted. And we ask Him to rectify all of our condition. Verily He—the Blessed and Exalted—responds to the supplication and He is the One in whom which hope is sought, and He is sufficient for us, and the best Disposers of Affairs.


Translated by Rasheed ibn Estes Barbee

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