Umar (Radi-Allahu 'anhu)

He is: Abu Hafs Umar bin Khataab bin Nufail Al-‘Adawi Al-Qureshi. His lineage meets that of the prophet (Sala allahu alayhi wa salam) in Ka’b bin Luay.

He accepted Islam in the 6th Hijri year, it was also said the 5th Hijri, his age was 26 years (roughly).

His acceptance of Islam brought strength to Islam, he migrated openly while others did it secretly, and he took part in Badr, Uhud and the all of the battles. He is the first caliph to be named Ameerul-Mu’mineen; he was the first to write the Islamic calendar, the first to gather the people in salat-taraaweeh under one Imaam. 

He was selected to become the caliph by Abu Bakr (radiya-Allahu ‘anhu). His caliphate lasted for 10 years. He was killed by Abu Lu’luah the Persian Magian stabbing him with a dagger in his waist, whilst he was leading Salatul-Fajr. He lived after his injury for 3 days, this was towards the end of Dhul-Hijah in the 23rd year of the Hijri calendar- May Allah be pleased with him.  


Compiled by:

Abu Maalik Sa'ad bin Sulayman



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